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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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bay area freeways. the gridlock that lasted for hours. a cbs five exclusive who is accused of fraud. stretcher pay to get a paycheck at lunch the new sandwiches you can make at home for less than a dollar. good
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evening and alan martin. ken has the night off. we're developing news out of castro valley where high-speed gunbattle shut down the stretch of 580 backing traffic for 10 mi. of start around 6:00 with people into a car is started shooting at each other. as far as police know no one was hit. but investigators still needed to collect whatever evidence was left behind such a duet that had to shut down the whole west town side of the freeway. that closure backed up traffic all the way to 680. all lanes of traffic are finally reopened they reopen around 9:00. he is running for oakland's city council. and number of officials and organizations have endorsed him but some people in the neighborhood say wait a minute reporter linda each night on his legal problems and the questions he did not want to answer.
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he took me to the army base and said it sounded like a promising investment a future by diesel plant at the sites of the old oakland army base. so mariel and his wife took out an act to $210,000 to mario torres. in oakland real-estate broker now running for city council. they say was never pay them back. and the site for the plant is still empty. he was able to win our trust and then abused it. so that he could basically steal money from us. pedro says he paid war is more than $20,000 to help him open up a sports bar in oakland. but more than a year
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later he asked what happens. and i thought nothing was done. he says he stopped taking his calls he has no sports bar of his life savings are gone and he had to break the news to his college-bound son. as said the hell you have to pay for college now because i have no money. they're not the only a brief, and splitting the city of oakland's. according to city documents thorez contact with oakland's to collect unpaid judgments in 2002 the city says he then made fraudulent representations in and kept all the money. days before the case went to trial in 2007 was settled and paid the city back $31,000. dick least we ask him to talk about the complaints against him.
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some of the people you have dealt with in the past say you are not so onerous. did waves they claimed that they lent shute $200,000 for it by diesel company. those are the things that are currently under litigation and those matters are being resolved litigation and for me to speak about those things would be highly inappropriate. his by diesel plant claims he is in partnership with east bay mud and the utility says that is not exactly true. the weights so has anything happened? as far as we know nothing yes. did we talk about the buyout diesel co.? the burmese and is not giving out right now. then there's the deal he had to build the building in oakland. did we its u.s. soon that that money was due to him. is not true. and it is
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inappropriate for you to make that assumption. pour this is inappropriate for you to come in here? did we you said you're going to be open and these are questions. to in your assuming things. yes you did i am asking you. this interview is over. the airways later he called and requested another interview. and he apologized. i want to thank you for the opportunity to talk about some of the questions that you have. he insists he runs an ethical and legitimate company. it's just not the way to do it. mario war has requested that second interview only when you file the police report. your eyes is now accusing it charges attorney denies. and oakland's
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it was gunshots by day and by night in a city council debate over whether to spend more money tracking gunfire. reporter mark serra on how well shot spotter really works forecast strapped oakland. to is an hour before oakland safety committee began discussing expand the crime fighting tool called shot spotter another shooting that the technology could help to solve a pregnant woman sitting in a car on east 16th street was hit by flying glass in which police say bullets hit to cars and three homes. shot spotter can pinpoint the shots and alerted nearby officers instantly. is an innovative system that this is out alerts of gunshots in the city of oakland and 30 to 45 seconds. tonight oakland urges the committees to approve $350,000 to expand to
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police want to expand the reach to 70% by adding free to mail and a portion of north oakland. it is our belief that we can track enemy camp predicted if we can predict it we can prevent it and that is the attitude we're taking. even those shots are was first used in 2006 evidence that helps fight crime is mostly anecdotal an exact arrest or conviction rates are hard to come by but even with the lack of data the public safety committee approved the expansion requests. can you say that this 350,000 they're asking for is worth it to the city? we have had several crucial cases where the data has been a crucial point which has allowed the police department to identify the shooter and the location. so far this year oakland has recorded 3200 jobs bothered activation is but spontaneous 911 call said only
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come in at about 25 percent of those cases. mark did capt joiners say they can track kids they can't predict it? as he sang the can predict crime? the ways he did they're using this in addition to some other police tools that have and it's pretty pretty state police in an predictive policing to try to predict where the crime is going to occur. it is just one tool and that overall efforts. smart stare thank you. in tonight's police foiled an inside job that they spoke. they, these two men early yesterday morning officers say the pair tried to take off with almost 50 laptops from these books old headquarters in palo alto. when the news to patrol the pace up offices as a private security guard both men face charges of grand theft and burglary. that is the choice comcast offers hundreds of local
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workers. the cable company is disconnecting all three of its california call centers at the end of november and reroute and the jobs of the states. the closings affect about 8000 employees 700 and the day. and have two options relocate to oregon and colorado or washington in or take a severance package. would do? the waves and their mother. i have bills i have everything it stress they don't take that into consideration. comcast put the blame squarely on the state saying in a statement that the cost of doing business in california is simply too high. if you drove down the great american parkway you can't help but notice the new 49ers stadium is going up and fast. kid still gives us a look and takes us see what will be the 50 yd line. building a cathedral of bay area football is not for the faint of heart. 400 people are
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working 6:00 a.m. to midnight monday through saturday and at its peak 7000 people work at a pace until opening day. did we get the sense that you're a guy who knows it is doing. still awaits these jobs are very demanding you don't have much of the life and you work a lot of hours. that our the seas are going in quickly things to the giant cranes that are taller than the statue of liberty they're only 30 of them in the country and for them are tucked in here. 47 escalators are being installed and plumbers have laid miles of pipe. this is a 50 yd line in the middle of the field. this serves as a reference point is the exact center of the stadium. it is $1.2 billion cathedral had a poll that this would be it. his plan for weather delays that can make up for lost time on sundays if needed. rain is the enemy. extended rain.
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said there is going to be reined in and with this deal with it accordingly. at last count fans bought 70 percent of the presidency to the club sexton of its cheaper seats in the research areas fewer than half remain. fans paid thousands of dollars in licensing fees the pressure is on. can you absolutely say for sure that this is going to open? if we follow the schedule that we are on clear which we have carefully mapped out there is no reason why wouldn't open in 2014. the next big phase is to question the slabs that look like steps that will supplement a place like giant lego pieces and install the stadium seats on top of those at this hour you can still hear these guys working looks like you'll be a long two years. today we are looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality. the airwaves
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driverless cars get the green light in california was one of the smartest people in the bay area says the roads will be safer. 40 million fans can't be wrong. the guilty pleasure that have bay area women's waiting in line for hours tonight. ,,
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getting taken a look at the chaos up falling apart malfunction on september 16th. this surveillance video from the civic center when a train experienced what part is calling 8,000 v electrical arc caused by some degree on the track that is what are now says caused the bright flash and all that smoke as you can see it sent people scrambling. cars that donated driver. it's officially endorsed by california law. more on the
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technology some google employees are already using to go for work. today we're looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality. the airwaves and is self driving a car to accelerate california's leadership an economist vehicles. a new law allows the driverless cars on public roads for testing as long as there is a licensed and insured driver behind the wheel and a threat to the dmv to adopt regulations for the vehicle and drivers. they asked when the public might get their hands on this vehicle. pickens distressing looking at me answer this question. they
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believe will save lives 99 percent of all traffic and fatal accidents are caused by human error. piper also opens up the possibility of blinds driving. self driving cars automatically align themselves with precision and allowing people to do something else while technically driving there's still a lot of work for the engineers to do they have to answer questions like what happens at the tire blows out or the computer fails? cbs five. is a guilty pleasure that some women say save their marriage. others don't even want to admit that they would read it but tonight they had to do if they wanted their favorite author to sign a copy of their book. elizabeth cup was there for the rock star like scene. i'd think it has become an obsession and so it's like justin bieber you get a fever in
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you cannot get rid of its. it may be a fever but for this crowd looked like a bit to say the epidemic. hundreds of women and a few supportive husband waited outside books and on van ness and san francisco for several hours to get just a few moments with the woman behind the trilogy that has fans everywhere going gaga for great. everyone is looking for a christian gray. eteocles she came to thank her for putting this bark back in their marriages. he just shook his head and said of the waiting for you when you get back. the waves him that he didn't seem to mind keeping his wife company outside or her obsession with the series. it has improved our life. she is a mama to and has read all three books cover to cover twice. titillate it is a wonderful story and it is great to take a break from reality. the league's on friday she will
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sooner a beautiful shot and already redound toothpick other damages up their oakland 55 livermore's 60 and that is the warm spot santa rosa were down and that their rights to its. a high pressure in the process of moving into a position which will give us an offshore winds but it is not happening tomorrow the warm-up we been talking about will be here on thursday but tomorrow it is seen just rush toward giving is a light onshore flow and one more chilly day tomorrow with some morning cloud cover near the bay then on thursday we're stetson i get the warm weather as high pressure will park itself to the north giving as the offshore winds '90s inland's and '80s knew the day for the upcoming weekend the big warmup begins on thursday saturday will be the warmest and the latest computer model information says and it will because the two and perhaps a beach weekend with highs near 80 we haven't done that in a very long time '80s inland's oakland's only 70 and sent as a
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77 loss of the 79 milpitas on the wednesday 76 to raise antioch nice day tomorrow sunshine 84 will can 70 degrees for mill valley and downtown san francisco only 63 degrees but look at the change 90s in the dawn thursday ended nineties over the weekend '80s this weekend's new the day and we're talking highs into the '70s that the coast time for sports. a replacement weathermen you'll never guess what they did in green bay. and the a's,,,,
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momentum with the playoffs a big step antoninus the third inning this is this is a home run in 14 at bats against loans to come and allowed seven runs and walked four in four innings 72 is the final giants scored but the game tied at seven bases loaded to of seventh inning and
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was this time takes three runs away from the rangers. go-ahead run the a's win three to to a huge win but the angels also one so they're remained need to up in the wild-card race. it was the talk of a sports universe but today the nfl said the officials did the right thing determining who had possession and the packers see how a game last night contusions' so remains over wide video replay didn't overturn the call. so we spoke to the former nfl officials jim tunney and cbs five nfl analyst tim ryan and both had a difference take. the of weight the play was over. and the replay cannot review that they cannot deny that they made a mistake on the touchdown. they're looking at the ball hit the grounds they certainly could ever be the possession of the football and
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in my mind there is no question about its the defensive back to the green bay packers have that ball panda his chess. to help with the topics even hit the campaign trail today paul ryan gets off the top five. i have think that these rest part time for the obama's administration in the budget office. if the linebackers suspended for sunday's game against the raiders for this kids on texans quarterback matt shaw ribbon of a piece of busier the padres are entertaining on the heels of a brought in a circus act to do flips and throw out the first pitch at number to the braves and marlins freddie freeman has a walk off home run that won the game and clinched a wild-card spots. no. 1 the replacement weatherman in green bay. this is your replacement weather guy 200 degrees below today and we are looking at and is really going to keep up at grant like 300 degrees. ,,,,,,,,,,
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here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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